We are The Akin, a global, agile collective of freelance talent.

We’re working to rebuild trust and restore faith in the insight and innovation industry by creating a new operating model that puts transparency and humanity at the centre of everything we do.

Creating a business fit for the future.


Co-founders Anna, Helen and Sarah are a trio of global insight and creative specialists with 30 years of collective experience. We have led innovation, research, futures, creative and strategy projects for a wide range of brands from Nike and Sonos to Pernod Ricard and Google.

After working with numerous agencies in both permanent and freelance positions, we found ourselves increasingly frustrated by the dishonesty around agency transparency and agility.

Agency models are rigid, outdated and cloaked in mystery. We believe that it is time for a change.

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As a diverse group of thinkers, doers, provocateurs, creators and visionaries it is our aim to bring specialists and clients closer together, to work in a way that is honestly collaborative.


Only together can we build a better tomorrow.

98% of freelancers are forced to negotiate their day rates and the average freelancer is paid 40% of the charged agency fee


LinkedIn, 2016


"Agility, transparency and honesty should sit at the heart of businesses, so it's refreshing to see it loud and proud in The Akin's vision. At Hyper Island we are constantly disrupting ourselves and challenging companies & individuals to grow and stay competitive. The world is changing and it needs diverse creative thinkers to work together in new and original ways, ways we may not even think possible. This is where The Akin is taking a huge step in the direction of future shaping,"

Tash Willcocks - Programme Leader, Hyper Island