Bi-annually The Akin will release a report - Future & Changemaker. We believe that while the world is both collapsing and reforming, brands, businesses, and institutions need to do the same: they must stay tuned-in, be truly agile and ready to change with the people and so the world. This means there has never been a more important time in the last decade to understand people: their attitudes and behaviours.

Each report will be validated with an in-depth international survey of over 2,000 changemakers from 8 countries across the globe, ensuring our projections have actionable recommendations for the next 18-24 months.



Futures Report 001

July 2017

Futures Report 001 

You won’t read a trends report this year without an opener commenting on the turbulence and polarisation of society globally. Yes, we have entered a post-truth era, yes, filter bubbles need bursting, and yes, echo chambers are high on the agenda to be dismantled, but no one can say for sure what will happen, all we do know is that change will come from unanticipated places.

A way to make sense of this maelstrom is perhaps just to take a breath, pull out a blank sheet of paper and see the next 18 months as the start of a new chapter globally. A chapter that will foster debate and allow people to collectively decide on the future they want to create.

This report examines ways people will cope with the omnishambles of global political unrest, economic uncertainty and ultimately a loss of faith.  


Changemaker Report 001

January 2018

Changemaker Report 001

As a business, our core pillars at The Akin are humanity, transparency and agility, and we know that Changemakers morph both radically and rapidly, and that to keep pace with them is imperative. For a brand to be successful in 2018 they must be in-tune with this group, as losing favour with them is only too easy, and impossible to regain once it’s gone.

That is why we are launching this  2018 Changemaker* Report, digging deep into this group’s beliefs and behaviours.

We have studied Changemakers across 10 global markets questioning their life goals and values, wants, needs and behaviours, and attitudes to brands and industries to provide a clear 360 degree picture of them.