The Akin

The Akin is a global collection of consultants and network of changemakers, based in London and Berlin. Formed two years ago, we specialise in assisting lifestyle brands in combining progressive consumer insights with trends, in order to create future-focused strategies. Our process allows us to deliver outputs that are honest, challenging, agile, original and inspiring. We work in small, thoughtful teams and in partnership with our clients to form impactful outputs.

Our mission is to transform the insight and brand strategy agency model through radical honesty, agility and humanism. Ensuring all parties benefit from working together.


After working with numerous agencies - both permanent and freelance - we found ourselves increasingly frustrated by the dishonesty around agency transparency, resources, network reach and agility.

Traditional insight and brand strategy agency models are rigid, outdated and cloaked in mystery. We believe that it is time for a change. With 40% of the workforce forecasted to be freelance by 2020, we saw an opportunity to create a new operating model which utilises our global pool of freelance talent and their specialisms.

Co-founders Anna Lisa Lappenkueper and Sarah Johnson formed The Akin in 2017 and have over 15 years of combined experience.

Sarah has extensive experience in trends, insight and innovation projects for a range of global clients. Her work combines research and analysis of consumer, lifestyle and design trends and behaviours to inform future-focused strategies.

Anna Lisa’s experience lies in leading companies, managing teams and projects. Her specialism in managing relationships, projects and productions, as well as designing creative strategies, has allowed her to work with an array of brands.