The Akin is a network of talented and trusted consultants, each known as the Next of Kin (NOK).  Our NOK consultants are rated by their specialism and experience level. Day rates are set and non-negotiable and paid directly to the consultants in full - we take no cut. We have personally worked with each NOK consultant, ensuring we only engage the best talent.

We work directly with brands and partner with agencies.


Insight & Innovation

People very rarely do what they say they do. In order to fathom people and so create innovative campaigns, products and services you must understand their culture, their behaviours and their attitudes. The Akin has extensive expertise in conducting global studies to find the actionable insights to drive innovation.


Futures & Strategy

The world changes at a rapid pace and to create future-proofed plans you must understand the forces driving change, and which signals are short or long wave. The Akin has been observing cultural shifts and trends for over a decade, turning them into frameworks to create robust prospect scenarios and in turn strategies.


Creative & Production

Just knowing what people need and want now or in the future isn’t the way businesses and brands change. It is when you implement these strategies that transformations are made. The Akin have award-winning experience in making insights and strategies come to life in products, services and campaigns.